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Welcome to the page for current and prospective inspection station owners, managers and inspectors. We hope that you will find the following information helpful in determining your participation in the Gateway Vehicle Inspection Program.

Any business that is interested in performing vehicle emissions and safety inspections must first apply to the State for an emissions inspection license. Please visit the State’s website Here to review the requirements and see if your business qualifies for participation.

Once your business is licensed with the Missouri State Highway Patrol and Department of Natural Resources to perform emissions and safety inspections, please fill out the Inspection Station Enrollment Package, which can be downloaded by clicking here.

GIS9000 Vehicle Inspection System

The GIS9000 is the industry’s first tablet-based vehicle emissions and safety inspection system. The GIS9000 offers a user-friendly, handheld solution to perform official vehicle emissions and safety inspections in the Gateway Vehicle Inspection Program.

Price - $1,500.00*

The GIS9000 Standard Solution includes:

Ruggedized Inspection Tablet and Wireless Keyboard OBDII Data Acquisition Device & DAD Emulator
Vehicle Inspection Report Printer Windshield Sticker Printer
**All GIS components initially provided with necessary power cables and adaptors.
*All prices are subject to shipping costs and any applicable
Federal, State and local sales tax.

Optional Accessories include:

Tablet Docking/Charging Station $95.00*
Cabinet/Wall Mount $300.00*